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An easy to use news application designed to view ATOM, RSS feeds and more
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Newzie is more than a simple news aggregator. It offers different ways of monitoring things; it presents retrieved content in different shapes; it enables you to reach desired content fast. And all these interactions happen thru an exclusive user interface that you haven't tasted yet in any other software application.
- Monitor Webpages: Not all webpages have feeds so that you can subscribe to in order to get notified of updates on that webpage Newzie can monitor normal webpages for updates. For example, you can make Newzie notify you when a new image is added. It even highlights updates to help you distinguish them at one glance
- Virtual Channels & Word Watchdogs: Would you like Newzie to monitor special words, such as iPod or Google, and notify you of their occurances?
Newzie can check retrieved posts for those special words and present them separately so that you can reach them quickly

- Bulk Channels: Hesitant about subscribing to another feed because you don't think you can handle all of them with your news aggregator?
Thanks to the unique feature called 'Bulk Channel', you can combine many feeds into one bulk channel and treat them as one feed inside Newzie
- HTML-based Reporting: Haven't you tired of reading news like reading your emails, listed one after another?
In addition to conventional listing, Newzie can also present retrieved content in HTML-based pages which facilitates browsing and lets you read them quickly
- News Bar & Popup Notifier: While you are busy, how do you keep yourself up-to-date? No need to check your news aggregator ever minute. When you are not using Newzie, it can still keep you up-to-date thanks to the NewsBar and Popup Notifier; two different ways of reading new posts as soon as they are detected.
- Highlights: Just want to read those newly retrieved posts? Newzie presents new posts separately from already existing posts in, what is called, highligths. So you can either get all new posts in one page, or check new posts under each folder. Choice is yours.

- News Slideshow: Imagine that you have thousands of posts to read but just want to read those ones that posted within the last hour. Newzie can compile unread posts published within given time interval into a slideshow and let you read them quickly. No need to traverse all your subscriptions to find them.
- On-Fly Subscription Filtering: Assume that you managed to subscribe to 500 feeds with your news aggregator. Good for you!, but how many minutes does it take to find one specific feed in that chunk?
With Newzie, it takes a second or two because you can filter your subscriptions on fly. For example, you can quickly reach those subscriptions which have 'tech' in their titles, or only the ones updated within last hour
- Search inside Retrieved Content: How many posts do you have? Thousands? Let Newzie help you search in that chunk. Newzie includes embedded search engine inside. It helps you search thousands of posts very quickly and reach what you want to read.
- Post Sweeper & Automated Maintenance: How do you handle 'clearance day' with your news aggregator? Clearance shouldn't mean that you have to get rid of all posts.
Post sweeper allows you to define which posts from which subscriptions should be deleted. Then, let sweeper sweep those unnecessary posts. You can even automate this action and let Newzie keep itself clean

- Tabbed Windows: Can't you open more than one webpage at one time with your news aggreagor?
Newzie supports tabbed-browsing so that you can handle multiple webpages at the same time. It even shows progress level of page load in the tab, which is another unique feature of Newzie
- Color Coding: Is your news aggregator colorful? Or black-and-white? Newzie make use of colors in order to represent how recently your subscriptions have been updated and how important they are based on your preferences, which is the next subject

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